The Eternity Ring

Do you have an anniversary coming up and want to find the perfect gift for your partner? An eternity ring is a very special and romantic piece of jewellery with profound meaning behind it, as it symbolises everlasting love. Traditionally, eternity rings have diamonds going all the way around the band. This makes them quite… Continue reading The Eternity Ring

Blood Diamonds? Not Needed

Diamond sales have steadily been dropping over the last few years, with experts worrying it could be because millennials are starting to shun the stone associated with marriage proposals. One big reason is the blood diamond trade. There is an international agreement that bans conflict stones, but due to a loophole, the mined diamond industry… Continue reading Blood Diamonds? Not Needed

Hand Crafted Jewelry of Ireland

Rings, pendants and other types of jewelry has been created in Ireland for centuries and is typically made from different types of metals. Each of the different metals that is used to create Irish jewelry has a special meaning and significance and can be used to express loyalty, devotion and friendship. Traditionally, hand crafted jewelry… Continue reading Hand Crafted Jewelry of Ireland