Exotic Jewelry Designs of Ireland


This special type of knot is much more elaborate than many other types of traditional Irish designs, making it very exotic. The Renee features a triangular knot design that is used to focus and is combined with an unusual rectangular pattern. This pattern is often used as a focal point on Irish bracelets.

The Shannon Knot

This unique knot features a crisscrossing design and is oval in shape. The oval shape in the design represents the union with creativity and community and is worn by a large number of creative people around the world in order to help balance their energy.

The Sita Knot

This exotic knot design blends Indian and Irish traditions to make the unique design. The spiral shape represents growth as well as movement, while the uniformed circular shape symbolizes community. The overall motif of the Sita knot is four interconnecting circles that represents the four seasons as well as four different aspects of life that should be in harmony in order for the wearer to attain spiritual growth in all aspects of their life.

The Spiral Knot

Spiral knots have been used by a large number of different cultures around the world for many centuries and represent energy. This exotic spiral design is particularly elaborate and the spiral moves outwards from the center of the design to represent the flow of energy that was used to create the world. The inward part of the spiral also represents the spiritual growth and flow of energy of the wearer.


This design dates back to the 3rd century BC and is one of the most intricate and exotic Celtic designs. The Tara was traditional worn as a pendant or earrings by the Celts as a protective talisman as well as a way of connecting to the elements as the design can be seen as a flame rising from the earth.