Hand Crafted Jewelry of Ireland


Rings, pendants and other types of jewelry has been created in Ireland for centuries and is typically made from different types of metals. Each of the different metals that is used to create Irish jewelry has a special meaning and significance and can be used to express loyalty, devotion and friendship. Traditionally, hand crafted jewelry has always been highly prized in Ireland and many of the skills have been passed down through families for many generations.

Gold Irish Jewelry

In the Celtic culture gold is a symbol of courage as well as health, strength, wealth and divinity. Gold also represents the sun as like the sun it is considered to be a masculine metal. However, both men and women in Ireland favor gold and white gold is particularly popular among men. In recent years rose gold has become the metal of choice for Claddagh rings and other types of traditional Celtic designs, while yellow gold remains extremely popular as a metal for Irish jewelry.

Stainless Steel Irish Jewelry

In traditional Irish belief steel is used to keep evil spirits at bay as well as attracting purity in actions and power. Many Irish people also believe that wearing a piece of jewelry made from stainless steel will help to increase their powers of intuition.

Copper Irish Jewelry

Copper is a popular metal for Irish bracelets and due to the fact that the metal is a good conductor, many Irish people believe that wearing jewelry made from copper will help them to draw positive energy from the atmosphere.

Platinum Irish Jewelry

Platinum is a symbol of willpower and vigor and many Irish people believe that wearing a piece of jewelry made from platinum will help to boost their health and improve their success.

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry

Many pieces of Celtic jewelry such as Claddagh rings were originally made from sterling silver and this metal represents female strength.