Jewel Watches in Ireland

Jewel Watches in Ireland

Watches have been a symbol of wealth and status in Ireland for many centuries as they were originally so expensive that only the very rich could afford them. To make these watches More »


Blood Diamonds? Not Needed

Diamond sales have steadily been dropping over the last few years, with experts worrying it could be because millennials are starting to shun the stone associated with marriage proposals.

One big reason is the blood diamond trade. There is an international agreement that bans conflict stones, but due to a loophole, the mined diamond industry is still allowed to employ child labour, and the industry still fuels violence in developing countries. There is no way of knowing your diamond is – directly or indirectly – contributing to enslavement and murder.

The Eternity Ring

Do you have an anniversary coming up and want to find the perfect gift for your partner? An eternity ring is a very special and romantic piece of jewellery with profound meaning behind it, as it symbolises everlasting love.

Jewels Every Woman Wishes to Posses


The emerald is the signature stone of Ireland and this is one of the most popular and desirable gemstones among women in Ireland. The bright and bold color of the emerals makes them stand out they are ideal for Irish women who are blessed with bright green eyes.

Exotic Jewelry Designs of Ireland


This special type of knot is much more elaborate than many other types of traditional Irish designs, making it very exotic. The Renee features a triangular knot design that is used to focus and is combined with an unusual rectangular pattern. This pattern is often used as a focal point on Irish bracelets.