Jewels Every Woman Wishes to Posses

Emeralds The emerald is the signature stone of Ireland and this is one of

Exotic Jewelry Designs of Ireland

Renee This special type of knot is much more elaborate than many other types

Hand Crafted Jewelry of Ireland

Rings, pendants and other types of jewelry has been created in Ireland for centuries

Irish Jewelry Designers

Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz are the talented Irish

Silver and Gold Jewelry

Silver Friendship Necklaces Silver friendship necklaces are very popular in Ireland and feature an

The Trinity Knots

The Traditional Meaning of Trinity Knots The trinity is three different elements that are

Men’s Celtic Jewelry

Male Claddagh Ring A range of Claddagh rings are created especially for men and

Celtic Jewelry

Claddagh Ring A Claddagh ring is a unique piece of Irish jewelry that has

Bridal Jewelry of Ireland

Celtic wedding and engagement rings make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring

What is a Claddagh Ring? This traditional kind of Celtic ring is surrounded by