Traditional Jewelry of Ireland

The Aria Knot

jewelry-headerThis special tradition knot is created from the lines where three arcs intersect and connect at a single pointed end. The Aria knot represents trinity where three aspects join together to form a whole. Irish men and women often where pendants that are created using the Aria knot to represent unity between the mind, the body and the soul. However, in ancient Celtic culture the Aria knot also represents the Earth, the heavens and the underworld.


This very intricate and elaborate design is also known as a Prague or Ravena design and was created in Ireland more than two thousand years ago. The design is very elaborate and was traditionally used to adorn bronze jewelry. The Bridget resembles the delicate curl of the stem or root of a plant and like many traditional Irish jewelry designs celebrates the connection with nature and it can also be seen to symbolize the gentle flow of a river or a wave. The Bridget symbolizes growth and fertility.


This special traditional Irish jewelry design is usually rendered in gold to symbolize the sun, while it also boasts silver parts that symbolize the moon. The weaving of the gold and silver designs represents the harmonious joining together of different elements of life. Traditionally, the sun is masculine and the moon is feminine and this design also represents balance between the different energies both in nature and people.


This intricate jewelry design depicts different intersecting triangular points and symbolizes focusing intention towards a particular goal. The opposing triangles in this special traditional design are used to help create balance and help the wearer to focus on what they are trying to achieve in their life while also making sure that the other aspects of their life such as health and family are not forgotten.