Jewel Watches in Ireland

Jewel Watches in Ireland

Watches have been a symbol of wealth and status in Ireland for many centuries as they were originally so expensive that only the very rich could afford them. To make these watches More »


Men’s Celtic Jewelry

Male Claddagh Ring

A range of Claddagh rings are created especially for men and the design tends to be heavier so that it will suit the male hand better than the more delicate female counterpart. Claddagh rings for men that are set with a gemstone usually feature a single large gemstone as one of the main focal points of the ring. The design of a male Claddagh ring tends to be very durable and sturdy so that it will last throughout the life of the wearer.

Celtic Jewelry

Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring is a unique piece of Irish jewelry that has Celtic origins. This ring boasts an enchanting traditional Irish design that depicts two hands clasping a large single heart in the center of the ring that represents love and friendship.

Bridal Jewelry of Ireland

Celtic wedding and engagement rings make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to embrace their Celtic heritage. The rings feature traditional designs that are full of meaning and symbolism and they often use scared geometry as their base. When choosing the perfect Irish wedding ring, it is a good idea to have an understanding of some of the meanings behind the different elements that are used in the designs.

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring

What is a Claddagh Ring?

This traditional kind of Celtic ring is surrounded by Celtic tradition and is formed in the design of two hands holding a heart in the center of the ring’s band. The heart is used to represent love, while the two hands symbolize friendship, which makes a Claddagh the ideal design for a wedding ring. The heart also features a crown above it.