Jewel Watches in Ireland

Jewel Watches in Ireland

Watches have been a symbol of wealth and status in Ireland for many centuries as they were originally so expensive that only the very rich could afford them. To make these watches More ยป


Hand Crafted Jewelry of Ireland

Rings, pendants and other types of jewelry has been created in Ireland for centuries and is typically made from different types of metals. Each of the different metals that is used to create Irish jewelry has a special meaning and significance and can be used to express loyalty, devotion and friendship.

Irish Jewelry Designers

Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz

Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz are the talented Irish jewelry designers behind Juvi Designs, which is one of the leading jewelry companies in Ireland. This team has won several awards for their jewelry designs, which is inspired by the vibrancy and warmth of different natural elements.

Silver and Gold Jewelry

Silver Friendship Necklaces

Silver friendship necklaces are very popular in Ireland and feature an interlocking design that is divided into two halves so two friends can each wear half. In Ireland, teenage girls often buy each other silver friendship necklaces as a tribute to their friendship and each girl proudly wears her half to show her special bond that she shares with the other girl.

The Trinity Knots

The Traditional Meaning of Trinity Knots

The trinity is three different elements that are connected to form a whole such as in the Christian church where God is represented by the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. The trinity knot represents three elements combining and also represents the flow of creative energy that stands beneath the feat of the wearer and moves upwards into the world.