Modern Jewelry of Ireland

Shamrock Jewelry

shamrock-necklaceThe shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland and shamrock earrings and pendants have become very popular in recent years. The shamrock is a type of plant that grows in abundance in Ireland and is also known as a four leaf clover. The shamrock is believed to be lucky and many Irish people where Shamrock jewelry as a charm to bring them good luck. Shamrock jewelry is often adorned with small emeralds and can be worn by both men and women of all ages.

Horseshoe Jewelry

The horseshoe is another design that is associated with Ireland and horseshoe pendants are often used in modern Irish jewelry. The horseshoe is often silver and can be adorned with small diamonds or other gemstones to make the piece of jewelry extra special and horseshoes are also worn as rings, earrings and as a charm on special Irish charm bracelets.

Charm Bracelets

Special charm bracelets that feature a combination of traditional and modern Irish designs have become very popular in recent years. Charm bracelets are often given to children to mark a special birthday and feature charms such as shamrocks, horseshoes and Celtic knots.

Leprechaun Jewelry

This legendary Irish sprite has become a popular figure on different types of Irish pendants as well as rings and earrings and usually boasts a green top hat and a big cheeky grin.

Claddagh Lockets

The traditional Celtic ring design has been adapted to a locket for contemporary Irish jewelry. A Claddagh locket is often given as a gift to someone special as a token of love and friendship.

Claddagh Earrings

This is another modern variation on the traditional Claddagh ring design that is very striking. Claddagh earrings are usually made from gold and are formed into studs that come in a wide range of different sizes.