Men’s Celtic Jewelry

Male Claddagh Ring

A range of Claddagh rings are created especially for men and the design tends to be heavier so that it will suit the male hand better than the more delicate female counterpart. Claddagh rings for men that are set with a gemstone usually feature a single large gemstone as one of the main focal points of the ring. The design of a male Claddagh ring tends to be very durable and sturdy so that it will last throughout the life of the wearer. This special traditional Celtic ring is often given to a man as a wedding ring or as a special token by a family member.

Donegal Ring

This bold design is often used on men’s rings and features a thick gold line wound around a silver line of the same thickness. The gold represents the sun, while the silver represents the moon and this design is all about harmony with nature and balance.

Scroll Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks that feature a traditional Celtic scroll design make the perfect type of jewelry for men. These cufflinks are suitable for all kinds of occasions are as practical as they are impressive and are ideal for modern men who are proud of their Celtic heritage. There are lots of different styles and designs of scroll cufflinks to choose from, although the most common style features a silver background with the scroll design depicted in gold. Like most types of Celtic jewelry, these cufflinks tend to be quite large and bold in their design.

Rope Pattern Jewelry

This traditional Celtic pattern is ideal for men’s jewelry and can often be found adorning men’s rings and bracelets. The rope design shows two lines entwined together and in traditional Celtic beliefs it represents strength and loyalty. Rope pattern jewelry can also be given to men by their partner as a token of love and devotion.