Jewel Watches in Ireland

Watches have been a symbol of wealth and status in Ireland for many centuries as they were originally so expensive that only the very rich could afford them. To make these watches stand out even more they were adorned with jewels and featured very intricate designs. Fortunately, watches are now much more affordable and can be owned by everyone. They are often given as presents in Ireland to family members of as anniversary presents to show the strength of the bond between the people.

Irish Pocket Watches

This traditional type of watch typically comes with a chain and can be worn either around the neck or carried in the picket. Irish pocket watches are very elegant and are often engraved with special designs to make them really stand out. Many Irish pocket watches come with a lid on a hinge and the photograph or engraved image of someone special can be placed on the inside of the lid so that the wearer of the pocket watch can always keep that person close to them.

Shamrock Jewel Watches

This classic Irish design can be rendered on the face or the band of an Irish jewel watch. This design is very popular among teenagers and makes a great gift. The shamrock design can also be adorned with emeralds to add an extra touch of class and really make the watch stand out from the crowd.

Claddagh Jewel Watches

A number of leading contemporary Irish watch designers have created their own watches that use the Celtic Claddagh design as their inspiration. The heart or crown of the Claddagh on the watch is often adored with a emerald or diamond, while extra jewels can also be added to the band of the watch. The Claddagh also makes a striking design for the lid of a traditional Irish pocket watch.