Irish Jewelry Designers

Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz

Vincent Tynan and Julie Danz are the talented Irish jewelry designers behind Juvi Designs, which is one of the leading jewelry companies in Ireland. This team has won several awards for their jewelry designs, which is inspired by the vibrancy and warmth of different natural elements. The pair sources enchanting gemstones from all around the world to enhance their pieces, which they create in their studio in the city of Dublin. Many of the designs that the couple creates take traditional Irish designs and give them a contemporary twist and natural elements can be seen throughout their extensive collection.


This traditional Irish jewelry company is family run and formed by five generations of the Fallers family. The company is located in Galway in the west of Ireland and offers a large collection of high end designer jewelry.

Gerry Crosbie

In 1994, Gerry Crosbie founded the Designyard jewelry company in Ireland. Gerry Crosbie specializes in contemporary Irish jewelry that takes the finest workmanship and designs from talented and experienced Irish artists. Many of the pieces of jewelry that are available from Designyard are created exclusively for the company by leading Irish jewelry designers who work in metals such as gold, silver and platinum. The company also offers clients the opportunity to work with one of the in house jewelry designers to create their own unique piece of jewelry for a special wedding or engagement ring that will really turn heads.

Bill and Christina Steenson

This talented couple studied silversmithing and jewelry at the University of Ulster and used their knowledge to open their own jewelry company. Steenson Jewellery has been creating and presenting unique pieces of Irish jewelry since 1976 and the main workshop can be found in the picturesque village of Glenarm in County Antrim.