Connemara Marble Jewelry

connemaranew1Connemara marble is a unique type of marble that comes from quarries that can be found in the Connemara Mountains in County Galway. Connemara marble was first used in the 19th century and has been used to create some of the most impressive monuments in the world including the extensive halls of Trinity College Dublin, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Kensington Palace. This type of marble is so striking that many of the finest buildings in America have also been created from this unique type of stone.

The Colors of Connemara Marble

Connemara marble varies in color from a creamy pale green all the way through to shades of moss and sage green. One of the enchanting things about this is that no two pieces of Connemara marble will be exactly the same and items that are created from Connemara marble make a unique gift that are sure to be treasured for all time. Connemara marble is often teamed with sterling silver by jewelry designers to form very enchanting and durable pieces.

Connemara Marble Religious Necklaces

Cross pendants made from Connemara marble make the ideal gift for Irish people who want to celebrate their faith. Rosary beads can also be made from Connemara marble and the different green hues that each marble bead boasts creates a very eye catching design that is sure to be as striking and unique as the person who choose to wear it.

Connemara Marble Claddagh Designs

The traditional Celtic Claddagh design looks particularly striking when made from Connemara marble. This is a very appealing and popular material for Claddagh pendants that feature sterling steel bases.

Connemara Marble Earrings

Connemara Marble can be made into studs to form a truly unique and enchanting present for someone special. Traditional Irish designs such as shamrocks and roses are very feminine and are sure to touch the heart of the person receiving the gift.