Celtic Jewelry

Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring is a unique piece of Irish jewelry that has Celtic origins. This ring boasts an enchanting traditional Irish design that depicts two hands clasping a large single heart in the center of the ring that represents love and friendship. This special type of Celtic ring can be given to a partner to reflect their Celtic roots. Claddagh rings are also given to represent eternal devotion, which makes this the perfect ring to give someone on their anniversary.

Celtic Corners

This special type of square patterned design is often used in Celtic jewelry such as rings and pendants. The square shaped intricate knot of this design represents foundation and structure. The Celtic corner design also represents communication and the building blocks of friendship and this design dates back for thousands of years.

Celtic Knots

These special knots were created by the ancient Celts to represent their connection to nature and all living things. There are numerous different styles of Celtic knots that have been created over the years and they were inspired by the ancient knots that were woven by the Celts from carved rock and metal.


This special Celtic design is often rendered on rings and features a circle of flowers and vines that it often engraved onto the band of a silver or gold band. The Flores design is used to symbolize the fertility of the plant world and the strong connection to nature that all Celtic people share.

Helios Border Knot

This intricate Celtic design is often engraved around the edge of a circular shaped pendant and flows in a single wave that turns back on itself and zigzags. It is believed that the Helios border knot represents the way of moving through life with its many twists and turns as well as periods of reflection.