Bridal Jewelry of Ireland

Celtic wedding and engagement rings make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to embrace their Celtic heritage. The rings feature traditional designs that are full of meaning and symbolism and they often use scared geometry as their base. When choosing the perfect Irish wedding ring, it is a good idea to have an understanding of some of the meanings behind the different elements that are used in the designs.

The Circle

The circle forms the basic shape of the majority of Irish bridal jewelry and is one of the key elements in scared geometry. An open circle symbolizes completion as well as wholeness and stillness within motion in Celtic culture. The circle is also the Celtic symbol of the sun and is linked to renewal, awareness, completion and clarity, making this the perfect symbol for a wedding ring.

The Lemniscrate

This is an ancient Celtic symbol for infinity and is firmed in a figure 8 on its side. The Lemniscrate has been used in Irish bridal rings for centuries and represents the joining of two people and the belief that their special connection will last for eternity.

Waves and Arcs

The flowing symbols of the waves and arcs are very common in sacred geometry and the waves and arcs often intertwine. This represents the unity of two people who the design is used on bridal wedding rings and the design typically runs along the length of the band. This traditional Celtic design is very elegant and can also be adorned with small gems such as diamonds and emeralds.


The flowing lines of the spiral represent spiritual energy and the connection to nature that is an important aspect of Celtic culture. Spiral curves can often be seen in nature and many Celtic brides choose this design to represent their spirituality and their deep connection with nature.